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Something important for you to know...

You should be aware that there is mention of very sensitive words, such as "suicide". This is a very heavy subject matter. If you are someone who struggles with suicide, I want you to know that I love you. You matter. You matter. You matter.


I wrote this poem trying to capture a very difficult time of my life. But with some combination of fate, I was able to continue to live and be connected to the ones who have chosen to love me; the flawed me. So you matter. Ask for help. Ask for love. Ask for support. Ask for yourself. Ask for you. Ask for me. Ask for the ones that cherish you the most. Ask for the ones that will not let you go. Ask for the ones that you cannot see. Ask for the ones that can help you breathe. Ask to live, if you can. 


If you feel that you can hold what I wrote, then come with me on my journey. 


If not, scroll all the way up and look at the beautiful tiger and forget everything that you read.


Drift away to a beautiful canyon and lovely flowers, birds chirping everywhere and you are cuddled by a beautiful, starfish who will sing to you. 

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