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Luna Aixin


Community and Cultural Planning


I have always been a facilitator and have been unconsciously and consciously been facilitating since I was a kid. 

I was known always to teachers and principals as the "organizer" behind many fun skip-school activities such as getting my classmates to catch guppies in the drain during a rainy day, instead of studying for math. I was always the most joyous when I got to see others do well, and when I was a kid, it meant seeing the smiles on my friends' face when they saw something exciting. 

My experience with facilitation has come a long way since 1999, from organizing "guppy catching" to facilitating groups where we root into conversations about racism, equity, violence, gender, class, trauma, disability, diverse abilities, sexual health, immigrant experience, and collective care. 

Partners I have collaborated with include:

As a community planner, I believe in facilitation work...deeply.    

Intimate experiences of colonial oppression and violence personally, relationally and systemically connected me to the experiences and plights of marginalized folks, including myself. 

City of Vancouver

City of Burnaby

City of New Westminster

Metro Vancouver Regional District


Magpie's Nest Community Arts Society

Community Arts Council of Vancouver

International Centre of Art for Social Change


Vancouver Moving Theatre

UBC Learning Exchange

Silver Harbour Seniors Center

Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House

Kiwassa Neighbourhood House

North and South Burnaby Neighbourhood House

Collingwood Neighbourhood House



UBC Learning Exchange

Happy City

Simon Fraser University

Concert Properties

Qualex-Landmark Properties

Keltie Craig Consulting

Licker Geospatial Consulting

Kevin Kapenda Consulting


Burnaby Association of Community Inclusion (BACI)


Inclusion Powell River

Building Caring Communities




Burnaby Family Life

Burnaby Intercultural Planning Table (BIPT)

Current Projects


Hey Neighbour Collective (HNC) brings together housing providers, researchers, wellbeing experts, local and regional governments, housing associations and health authorities to experiment with and learn about ways of effectively building community, social connectedness and resilience in BC’s fast-growing vertical communities. 

This multi-stakeholder community of practice will also pursue systems-oriented dialogue to look at improving the regulatory and funding environment to better support the sociable design of multi-unit housing, and programming that improves health and well-being outcomes.

The Collective emerged from collaboration between staff involved in the City of Vancouver’s 2018 Hey Neighbour! pilot project and a number of advisory committee members working on similar projects. It has now grown into a multi-stakeholder collaboration across BC. 


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