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Chosen Family


選Chosen 家Family 
Amorphous and con(sensual)
My reaction to the destruction of my own blood line
So that I can sever the umbilical cord
To the un"safe" family 

家Family 選Chosen
Magical Siphonophores
Tentacled in defence
The blessings of a Masanobu Fukuoka garden
Safe familiars 

This series lingers upon the reflections on the idea of "chosen families" - a way for all of us to go beyond and simply, have a say of who we want to have in our lives and that we care and love for as family members. 

I first found my chosen family with "godmothers"; trans- and cis-women who accepted me for who I am, and have been my source of inspirations to explore what it means to have chosen families.

Through these works, I pay tribute to chosen families and the power of love that they hold in today's world to those of us who did not have the opportunity to experience the love and care we wanted and deserved.  


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