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i really suck at capitalism

musings & contemplations of a 

non-binary queer

on why they suck at capitalism

Failbruary 2020

Waning Crescent


Who is smarter?

Capitalism or me?

I guess I will never know. 

I know Capitalism went to university 

Got a degree in manipulation & consumerism and productionism


I was wading in the poverty pool

Waiting for someone to bring me free-market ice cream made with social security

It's only $8.69 + GST. 
Spare some change?

Oh and bring the tasting spoons too

I don't have spoons anymore. 


Muckvember 2019

Waxing Crescent

"GIFTS" is not my best LOVE LANGUAGE...definitely the best one for "sucking at capitalism" language.


I just bought two kitchen tongs at a hippie store for myself and my housemate. 


Sucktober 2019

full moon in aries

if i was in kindergarten, capitalism would not be the one i share my peanut butter sandwich with, because all they want is 100% peanut butter

that is not something my family could afford

100%? you know what that means to me? everything! because that would mean that if i DID have 100% peanut butter, i might have to share with capitalism

what is the point of 100% peanut butter if capitalism just wants it all?

i rather not have 100% peanut butter

and i rather have 0% capitalism for my friendship


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